In order to enhance the level of service that we provide you, Women’s Health Care, P.C. requires all NEW patients to complete your patient history forms in advance through a new online service called Digichart Patient Portal — https://patients.digichart.com/.

Using the website will save you time at your appointment and ensure that your history information is organized beforehand.  This thorough history enables our doctors to more effectively discuss your current health and healthcare concerns.

New patients and Annual Well Woman Exam (AWWE) patients will receive a reminder letter in the mail (and/or email if applicable) 2-3 weeks prior to your appointment.  Instructions for the website will be included.  You will not have access to the website until 14 days before your appointment.  For medical history to be available at the time of your visit, it must be completed at least 48 hours before you are seen.  You may be contacted to reschedule your appointment if you are unable to meet the deadline.

If you do not have internet access: If you do not have family or friends who can assist you with completing your health history online, please visit your local library for free internet access.  If unable to keep an appointment, please notify us 48 hours beforehand.  If our office is closed, please leave a detailed message so we may return your call and reschedule the appointment.


  1. At the Patient Portal Sign In prompt enter the provided username and password you received from your doctor’s office.
  2. When you first Sign In you will be prompted to change your Sign In credentials. We encourage that you write your new Username and Password down after you change it for future portal updates. Please follow the onscreen instructions. The credentials you create here will be what you use from now on to Sign In to the Patient Portal.


  1. Please follow the onscreen instructions.  Make sure to update your review of symptoms over the past 4 weeks and any changes in your medical history.
  2. If you did not change your default username and password at your first log in and cannot remember them, you may select the “Forgot Username”link and/or the “Forgot Password” link to answer your security questions and then reset your log in information to something you will remember.
  3. If you have contacted our office and requested your password to be reset to the default, please select the “Change Sign In Info” link under the GREEN “Start Your History” button.  You may then reset your log in information to something you will remember.

Your information is stored securely and it remains confidential. No one outside of our practice will have access to your information. All government healthcare privacy regulations are met, to ensure privacy of your medical information.


Information on this website and links to other websites is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Consult with a physician or appropriate medical care provider regarding any medical concerns, questions, or issues you may have. Women's Health Care, P.C. is not responsible for, nor does it necessarily endorse the content of, any other website to which it may provide a link. If you are in need of OB/GYN medical care you may contact the office of Women's Health Care, P.C., Tulsa, OK at 918-749-0804.